A versatile developer with over 7 years' experience
successfully delivering Android projects.

Covering locations in the South East of England, previous clients
have included the BBC, NBC, Hello Magazine, and Unilever.

Android Foundations

All the skills you'd expect from an experienced Android developer: Android Studio, Gradle, Eclipse, SDK, SQLite, OpenGL ES, Agile, RESTful, JSON, custom views, GitHub, Google Play submission.

Project Rescue

If you have an app that is coming off the rails, or has already turned into a disaster, I have experience of successfully rescuing projects and getting them back on track.


Able to pick up any technology rapidly, I can adapt to your environment and work with your current technology, to keep your development momentum going.


Combining intelligence and creativity with a strong maths background, I have frequently created novel algorithms and solved challenging technical problems.


Put It On

In addition to this app for Flying Tiger Copenhagen, I used the Kite Tech SDK, which I substantially re-wrote, in customised apps for Sticky9, Groupon Print, and Polaroid.

AMD Simulator

This app used Virtual Reality headsets to show the effect of Age-related Macular Degeneration on vision, using the RenderScript framework to apply distortions to a camera feed in real time.

Foundation Lab

As part of a suite of mindfulness tools, Foundation Lab is a 21-day course that provides daily meditations and practices, including a built-in calendar for tracking progress.


Rebalance is a daily mindfulness 'work-out', and incorporates a heart-rate variability practice, which uses a sliding DFT algorithm that I designed and implemented entirely in Java.

Sync2Cloud Contacts

Another of my own projects, this app allows contacts to be synchronised between a local account and any server that implements the CardDAV protocol.

Million Second Quiz

Brought in as lead developer to rescue this project after it had gone catastrophically wrong, I worked assiduously to ensure the app was released on schedule.


Having completely re-written the route tracking and data upload core to make it faster and more memory efficient, I produced a customised app for Confused.com.

Epstein Mysteries

Brought in to save the project when the previous developer left, I completed missing functionality, re-wrote all the screen layouts, and resolved all of the many memory errors.


When Hello wanted to produce a completely new offering, I was brought in as the sole developer to deliver this attractively-designed app.

Lunch Timer

One of my own projects, this handy app reminds you when to take lunch, and keeps track of how long you've been out, letting you know when it's time to go back to work.

Sunsilk Keratinogram

Sole developer for this beautifully-designed multimedia app, incorporating custom views with OpenGL components and animations, for a rich user experience.

BBC Earth Wonders

Lead developer for this media-rich app, showcasing the best of the natural world with stunning high-resolution photos and videos, incorporating a fully-interactive 3D globe.


Email or call to discuss your project or requirement:
07542 569 939